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    Campaign (12 Jun 2017)

    Heathrow "Wonderers" by Havas London

    HAVAS has released a new ad for HEATHROW voiced by actor John Boyega. The 60-second 'Wonderers' shows the kinds of moments that characterise airports, from happy reunions to those taking their children on a plane for the first time. The narration implores people to never stop wondering and to use the natural desire to wonder to experience new things throughout life. 

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    The Independent (25 Apr 2017)

    First UK-Australia non-stop flight schedule revealed

    QANTAS is set to launch its new non-stop flights from Britain to Australia. Starting 26 March 2018, the 17-hour 9000 plus mile flight will leave HEATHROW at 10am for a noon arrival in Perth the next day. After touching down in Perth, the plane will continue to Melbourne, four-and-a-half hours further on. The westbound return flight will leave Melbourne at 7pm and Perth at 10pm for a 7am landing at Heathrow.

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