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    Convenience Store (21 May 2018)

    Haribo new fruit flavours in a frenzy

    HARIBO has launched new variants of its Starmix and Tangfastics range. Frenzy Starmix Fruit Punch and Frenzy Tangfastics Fruit Spritzers will still include the five standard pieces but they will come in a new mix of flavours. The Starmix will include a strawberry and rhubarb egg, an apple and elderflower heart, a cherry and lime cola bottle, a passionfruit ring and a mango bear. The Tangfastics include a raspberry and pineapple cherry, a fruity limeade selection of crocodiles, blueberry and lemon cola bottles and a melon and strawberry dummy.

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    The Drum (17 Apr 2018)

    Haribo: Kids' Voices by Quiet Storm

    HARIBO has reinvented its classic ad format, which usually features adults voiced by children who talk about how much they enjoy Haribo sweets, by adding a kid with the voice of an adult. Two men in suits and two parents with their son walk into a lift and begin sharing Haribo Fruitilicious sweets. The young boy interrupts the conversation to point out, in a deep and serious voice, that the new treats have 30% less sugar in them. The campaign was created by QUIET STORM, with media handled by MINDSHARE.

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