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    Campaign (16 Feb 2018)

    Channel 4 signs up Gtech for Gogglebox sponsorship

    CHANNEL FOUR has signed up GTECH as sponsors of Gogglebox. The two-year-deal was managed by 4Sales' Nations and Regions team in Manchester. The idents were created in-house by Gtech and depicts the company's founder Nick Grey attempting to sit down to watch TV, but keeps being interrupted by his dogs.

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    Nielsen (12 Feb 2018)

    Spend Analysis

    The top spender in direct mail in Q3 2017, by a large margin, was GREY TECHNOLOGY which spent £10.1m. This was more than double what it spent in Q2 and more than three times what it spent in Q3 2016. Direct mail investment made up 59% of Grey Technology’s Q3 budget which was spent promoting its vacuumcleaners (£8.1m), cordless garden trimmer (£1.2m) and cordless leaf blower (£679k).