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    Campaign (26 Feb 2020)

    Three counters Britain's future threats in joyous 'Phones are good' sequel

    THREE has continued its 'Phones are good' campaign with a three-minute film that looks into the future of the UK. Promoting the network's 5G coverage, the spot by WIEDEN & KENNEDY begins with a woman watching dismal headlines on the TV before being transported into a more positive futuristic world in which 5G enables a robotic England team to win the World Cup, holograms to enhance Tinder dates, and 'binge mode' allows passengers on a flight to the moon to block out disturbances. Three partnered with brands such as SAMSUNG, DELIVEROO and GREGGS to feature in the campaign. The TV ad will roll out from 27 February, with a 90-second version planned for ITV on 29 February. It will be supported by FACBEOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, DOOH and in-store activity. ZENITH handled media.

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    PR Week (21 Feb 2020)

    Stormzy receives Greggs 'black card'

    GREGGS has gifted rapper Stormzy its first black card in a new campaign with TAYLOR HERRING. It has been named the 'Concierge card' and is received upon invitation only. Little of its privileges have been revealed besides ordering whatever is wanted.

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