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    The Drum (13 Aug 2018)

    Greenpeace's hand-painted story of an orangutan pressures Unilever and Nestlé on palm oil

    GREENPEACE has launched a 90-second film to raise awareness of the destruction of rainforest habitats in Indonesia to make way for palm oil plantations. Voiced by actress and Greenpeace ambassador Emma Thompson, the spot begins as a light-hearted children's story of a little girl fed up of a cheeky orangutan which has taken residence in her bedroom. When she wonders why the primate is there, the orangutan then tells her side of the story - that she lost her home through human intervention. Created by MOTHER, the film points viewers to a petition against habitat loss, and will run in cinemas and on social media over the next two months with support from famous names including Stephen Fry, Alesha Dixon and Sharon Osborne. 

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    Campaign (17 Apr 2018)

    Greenpeace UK "Ocean of the future" by Ogilvy UK

    GREENPEACE has released a 90-second film encouraging people to sign its petition to push supermarkets to use less plastic. The spot sees a group of children getting excited for a day trip to an aquarium and reeling off the sea creatures that they can't wait to see. However, when they arrive there are no fish to be seen and the tanks are, instead, full of plastic rubbish. The spot was created by OGILVY & MATHER.

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