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    The Drum (30 Apr 2019)

    Sainsbury's rebranded by Greenpeace following plastic packaging complaints

    GREENPEACE has revealed SAINSBURY'S as the supermarket with the most online complaints around use of plastic. The environmental campaigners placed a banner reading 'Couldn't Care Less' beneath the logo on its London HQ, playing on its slogan 'Live Well for Less'. Activists also delivered the customer messages to the head office in the form of a USB flash drive as well as on plastic packaging which filled trolleys dropped off at the location and through audio played out in the reception area.

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    The Drum (12 Apr 2019)

    Greenpeace takes aim at Nestlé's 'chief plastics officer' in parody ad

    GREENPEACE has a taken a shot at NESTLÉ for its extensive use of plastic packaging through a campaign called 'Plastic Monster'. The campaign features Nestlé’s “Chief Plastics Officer” as he heads to a vending machine for a refreshment after a game of squash. As he waits for his plastic bottle to drop, he comes face to face with a menacing, plastic-spewing vending machine monster. The ad ends with footage of Greenpeace's recent ship tour in the Philippines featuring a man walking on a sea of plastic waste.

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