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    Campaign (15 Jan 2020)

    Greenpeace enlists Olivia Colman and Helen Mirren for ocean awareness story

    GREENPEACE has launched a 100-second film which aims to highlight the threat of extinction to sea turtles. The Aardman-animated spot tells the story of a family of turtles out for a trip in their car. As the journey progresses, things start looking peculiar, with a blinded starfish swimming into the car's path, and the children swallowing bits of oil floating by. When the family reach home, it is devastated by the entrance of a machine which destroys their home, killing the mother turtle voiced by Olivia Colman. The spot highlights the dangers of plastic pollution, oil drilling and overfishing, and calls on the public to support a petition for a Global Ocean treaty to protect sealife. Helen Mirren, Bella Ramsey, David Harbour and Ahir Shah also lend their voices to the campaign.

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    Campaign (25 Nov 2019)

    Greenpeace stages comedy 'roast' between potato and turkey

    GREENPEACE has launched a two-minute spot that aims to highlight the impact that growing soya for turkey feed has on the environment. The alternative Christmas spot sees two comedians dressed as a potato and a turkey 'roasting' each other with put downs. The lighthearted banter eventually turns sour with the potato revealing to the audience the true environmental impact of the turkey. 

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