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    The Drum (07 Mar 2019)

    Amnesty's 'family-free zone' mocks UK laws separating refugee parents from children

    AMNESTY designed an experiential campaign to draw attention to the plight of refugee families in the UK. 'Security guards' appeared on London Southbank to tell people it had been declared a family-free zone, meaning parents had to separate from their children or leave the area. It is intended to raise the profile of Amnesty's petition to the UK GOVERNMENT to change laws which mean refugee parents have to be separated from their children. VCCP executed the stunt.

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    AM Online (15 Feb 2019)

    Local government leaders call for £1.5 billion vehicle scrappage scheme

    UK GOVERNMENT is coming under pressure from local government to invest in vehicle scrappage and reduce pollution from older vehicles. UK100, a network of local government leaders, is hoping the central government will spend £1.5bn on a vehicle scrap and upgrade program. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced plans to spend £48m on a 'scrap for cash' scheme ahead of the introduction of London's Ultra Low Emission Zone. The issue will be discussed at the upcoming National Clean Air Summit.

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