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    Campaign (03 Oct 2016)

    GBK burgers compared to Donald Trump as 'a bit of an arse' in outdoor campaign

    GOURMET BURGER KITCHEN has released a new outdoor ad campaign poking fun at the US presidential candidate, Donald Trump. ‘Vote Rump’ makes use of different double entendre to promote GBK's burgers and reference Trump’s shortcomings. Taglines include "Vote Rump, it’s a no brainer", "Vote Rump – it’s a bit of an arse" and "Vote Rump – it’s really rich and incredibly cheesy".

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    The Drum (02 Sep 2016)

    Wimpy's parent company orders Gourmet Burger Kitchen to go

    GOURMET BURGER KITCHEN has been acquired by Famous Brands for £120m. Famous Brands has plans to add up to 15 restaurants per year in the UK.

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