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    Campaign (20 Feb 2019)

    Lynx applies ASMR twist to body-shaving tutorials

    LYNX has launched a humorous campaign to help men shave in the shower via a series of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response tutorials promoting its two in one shower foams. 'Lynx Shavetorials' by 72&Sunny Amsterdam sees Matthew offer helpful shaving techniques in the shower while employing relaxing hand movements, nail tapping and soothing brushing sounds. The campaign include four-minute videos on YOUTUBE and 10-second cut-downs on SNAPCHAT.

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    The Drum (19 Feb 2019)

    Backlash prompts discreet Google Chrome ad blocker revision

    GOOGLE is considering making changes to the functionality of ad blockers used on Google Chrome. An update which is due to roll out later this year could try to increase browsing speed by preventing 'arbitrary' JavaScript actions from taking place, which would limit the effectiveness of ad blocking software. The proposed changes have faced significant backlash from developers and users.

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