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    City AM (12 Jun 2019)

    End of the Saga: Chief executive Batchelor hangs up his lance

    SAGA's chief executive Lance Batchelor is to retire at the end of the financial year in January 2020. The search for his successor is underway. The business recently introduced a three-year-fixed price home and motor insurance product in a move away from cheap introductory offers, and announced plans to offer its customers saving products with MARCUS BY GOLDMAN SACHS. In July, it will launch its new cruise ship, the Spirit of Discovery. 

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    Campaign (23 May 2019)

    Marcus by Goldman Sachs hunts for creative agency

    MARCUS BY GOLDMAN SACHS has announced it is looking for a creative agency. With the assistance of AAR, the retail savings bank is in the process of drawing up a shortlist. IPROSPECT handles the brand's media buying and is unaffected by the review. 

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