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    The Grocer (20 Aug 2018)

    VK unveils Watermelon RTD following public vote

    VK has added a new watermelon flavour to its vodka lineup following a nationwide public vote. It will go on sale next February in a 275ml bottle. VK is rolling out another customer engagement campaign this November with a sampling tour in nightclubs across the UK.

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    The Grocer (14 Aug 2018)

    Hooch mounts 'Just Av An Oooch' on-pack free movie promo

    HOOCH has released a new on-pack promotion offering consumers a free downloadable film. The marketing push, called 'Just Av An Oooch', has been timed to coincide with the end of major TV events like the World Cup and Love Island. The promotion will run for the rest of the summer with supporting social and on-trade activity.

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