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    The Drum (31 Mar 2017)

    Wunderman introduce digital dental campaign for Sensodyne

    WUNDERMAN has released a new digital campaign for SENSODYNE featuring food blogger Madeleine Shaw. The Instagram and FACEBOOK campaign aims to show how the product benefits those with sensitive teeth. 'Ready for Everyday' follows Shaw throughout a week to show how Sensodyne products are a part of her everyday routine and to instil the message that sensitivity is not a one-off problem but requires long-term care. The campaign will also include a partnership with Women's Health this May.

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    The Grocer (28 Mar 2017)

    Sensodyne taps whitening trend with Pronamel toothpaste variant

    SENSODYNE has released a new Pronamel Gentle Whitening toothpaste in order to tap into the trend for whitening. 

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