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    Press Release (09 Jul 2018)

    Landsec’s Piccadilly Lights joins Pride in London Parade with first ever audio-synched singalong

    OCEAN OUTDOOR teamed up with Piccadilly Lights owner LANDSEC for a London Pride celebration. The worlds most famous advertising screen played out a campaign featuring members of the LGBT+ community and Pride images provided by GETTY, audio-synched with the Pride of London anthem Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The screen also included imagery of the parade. 

    The Drum (20 Feb 2018)

    Google removes ‘View Image’ button as part of settlement with Getty

    GOOGLE has taken away the 'View Image' option from its search results to prevent users from taking images without properly attributing them. Users are instead presented with a 'Visit' button where they can view the image in the webpage where the image is housed. A complaint was raised by GETTY IMAGES in 2016, which accused Google of failing to direct users to an image's original source.

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