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    Campaign (04 Sep 2018)

    Funding Circle "Go further" by Lucky Generals

    FUNDING CIRCLE has released its second TV campaign. Created by LUCKY GENERALS, the 30-second spot takes a more imaginative approach to showcasing financial services. It sees coin-operated ride-on machines come to life with a Funding Circle coin to demonstrate metaphorically how businesses can unlock their potential with Funding Circle loans. PHD brokered media for the campaign.

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    The Drum (07 Sep 2017)

    Funding Circle reveals new brand positioning and identity with 'Made to do More' campaign

    FUNDING CIRCLE has revealed a new brand positioning and identity that it hopes will help them become the first choice for small business and investors globally. B2B creative agency Rooster Punk were tasked with finding an emotive positioning that resonated with customers while instilling trust and confidence as a financial services company. The results, ‘Made to do More’ revealed small business owners, investors and the people who work at Funding Circle share a driven, positive attitude to work and life, a restless resolve to succeed and the tenacity to get there. Rooster Punk developed a new logo identity, a new typeface, a new visual identity, a brand guidelines book, an internal teaser campaign and videos as their contribution to the work.

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