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    The Drum (26 Jun 2018)

    Friends of the Earth: Where Won't They Frack?

    FRIENDS OF THE EARTH is raising awareness of plans to carry out the first steps towards fracking in Sherwood Forest by enlisting the help of actor Mark Rylance. The short film documents the history of the forest and the animals and plants that live within it, before outlining how it is now under threat.

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    bbc.co.uk (26 Apr 2018)

    Companies sign up to pledge to cut plastic pollution

    COCA-COLAASDA, and MARKS & SPENCER are among 40 companies who have signed a pledge to cut down on plastic pollution. The companies, who have formed the UK Plastics Pact, are responsible for more than 80% of plastic packaging on products sold in UK shops and are pledging to make 100% of their packaging recyclable or ready for compost by 2025. Environmental groups,including FRIENDS OF THE EARTH, have welcomed the pact although they believe there is still work to be done to ensure the targets are achieved.

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