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    bbc.co.uk (24 Oct 2018)

    Ford, Fiat and Nissan ads banned for dangerous driving

    THE ADVERTISING STANDARD AUTHORITY has banned ads from FORD, NISSAN and FIAT for encouraging unsafe driving. Two ads from Ford Mustang, shown on YOUTUBE and in cinemas, fell four after viewers complained they showed driving as a way of releasing anger, which put the driver, other motorists and pedestrians at risk. Fiat's ad appeared on YouTube and featured cars driving on a track which was designed to emulate the HOT WHEELS game. The ASA said the ad condoned irresponsible driving. The Nissan ad, shown on TV, showed a car breaking quickly after a pedestrian stepped in front of it, demonstrating its 'intelligent technology and safety features'. The ad was banned because it exaggerated the benefit of the safety features and showed the care being driven at excessive speeds. The ASA said that all three ads should not appear again in their current forms.

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    Campaign (06 Jul 2018)

    Ford is using a large AI installation to promote its new car ahead of launch

    FORD created a large AI installation encouraging passersby to share their passions ahead of the launch of its latest Focus model. The activation took place in London between 5 and 7 July and visitors were able to tell the machine their passion which got displayed with images of the person with their chosen subject on a giant six-metres high structure of the word 'FOCUS'. Ford encouraged guests to share their camera roll or social feeds to create the most personalised videos while the AI searched its own database for the content. The installation was delivered by IMAGINATION.

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