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    Campaign (06 Jul 2018)

    Ford is using a large AI installation to promote its new car ahead of launch

    FORD created a large AI installation encouraging passersby to share their passions ahead of the launch of its latest Focus model. The activation took place in London between 5 and 7 July and visitors were able to tell the machine their passion which got displayed with images of the person with their chosen subject on a giant six-metres high structure of the word 'FOCUS'. Ford encouraged guests to share their camera roll or social feeds to create the most personalised videos while the AI searched its own database for the content. The installation was delivered by IMAGINATION.

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    Campaign (11 Jun 2018)

    Ford's VR experience convinced 91% of drivers and cyclists to change their behaviour

    FORD has created a VR experience to encourage safer cycling and driving by putting road users on other people's wheels. Motorists could see first-hand how scary it is for cyclists when they swerve without indicating and open car doors without looking, while cyclists got a first-hand feel for the impact of cycling the wrong way down one-way streets and jumping red lights. 70% of those who watched the films said they felt more empathy with other road users and 91% said they would change their behaviour.

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