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    Campaign (19 Sep 2018)

    Surprise! Kinder becomes latest advertising victim of health campaigners

    KINDER has come under fire from the ADVERTISING STANDARDS AUTHORITY, which banned two websites, an app, and a YOUTUBE channel owned by the chocolate brand. The various online offerings were deemed to be targeted at children and promoted products high in fat, salt or sugar (HFSS). A recent rule change ordered that HFSS products could not be advertised to children under 16. The Children's Food Campaign lodged the initial complaints with the ASA.

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    Talking Retail (15 Aug 2018)

    Ferrero adds Intense Mint flavour to Tic Tac portfolio

    FERRERO has changed up the flavours of its Tic Tac range. The Mint Rush flavour has been replaced by Intense Mint which will appeal to customers looking for an extra-strong mint. The new product will be supported by a £1m campaign launching in September. Ads will appear on TV, video-on-demand and social media channels.

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