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    The Drum (10 Dec 2018)

    Depaul UK tells tales of youth homelessness through Spotify playlists

    SPOTIFY, SONY MUSIC and FACEBOOK are supporting an initiative of youth homelessness charity Depaul which tells the stories of young homeless people through Spotify playlists. Created in conjunction with PUBLICIS, the playlists use song titles to explain how 5 people became homeless, and includes a final 'song' with the individual speaking directly to the listener. They are aimed at 16-25 year olds and are intended to change their understanding of homelessness.

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    Campaign (10 Dec 2018)

    Kettle Chips offers crisps-inspired seasoning shakers in festive giveaway

    KETTLE CHIPS has launched a festive competition, giving away a set of seasoning shakers containing the same ingredients used to flavour its crisps. JOINT created a social campaign to promote the competition which runs until 18 December. Fans are invited to use FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to tell the brand how they would use the seasoning. Kettle Chips is also working with Chessie King and Mathew Lewis Carter who will release a video as part of the campaign.

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