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    The Drum (20 Sep 2018)

    M&S Food launches its 'biggest ever social media campaign' starring celebrity taste tasters

    MARKS & SPENCER recently kicked off a year-long star-studded social media campaign. Several TV stars will appear in monthly episodes to taste M&S Food products. The episodes are available to stream on INSTAGRAM TV, YOUTUBE, and FACEBOOK. The series will be supported by in-store activity.

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    The Grocer (20 Sep 2018)

    Fuller’s overhauls Frontier and unveils new craft brew plans

    FULLER'S is re-introducing its 'Fuller's and Friends' six pack of beers which features products from a variety of global breweries. It has also announced plans to re-brand its craft lager Frontier, backed by a campaign on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK and targeted emails to consumers. The craft beer six-packs will only be available for purchase from WAITROSE.

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