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    Campaign (08 Jun 2017)

    E.ON "We got the power" by Engine

    E.ON has teamed up with virtual band Gorillaz for its latest ad that promotes it solar storage offering. The innovative ad shows over 1,000 dancing toys, UFOs, light installations and giant fish tanks all powered by the sun. The work by ENGINE is soundtracked by new Gorillaz track 'We Got the Power'. As part of the campaign, E.ON will demonstrate its solar and battery storage technology through the E.ON Kong Solar Studio at the Demon Dayz Festival in Margate on 10 June, an event hailing the return of Gorillaz' return to the music world. The activity will invite aspiring musicians to create tracks in the solar-driven studio. 

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    Marketing Week (26 May 2017)

    E.ON launches new marketing strategy in bid to become purpose-led brand

    E.ON has introduced a new marketing strategy focusing on renewable energy. The overhauled brand and communications strategy is hoped to improve consumer perceptions of the energy sector while keeping up with consumer needs. A digital campaign sees the brand harness the sun's energy to create a solar and battery storage powered music studio for musical act Gorillaz and will run across the UK and six European markets. The campaign looks to promote E.ON’s new ‘solar and storage’ technology offering.

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