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    The Drum (24 Aug 2018)

    Spotify launches first branded podcast in midst of year-long push to honour black music

    SPOTIFY has partnered with NEW AMSTERDAM VODKA to launch its first branded podcast series called Ebb & Flow. The podcast is part of New Amsterdam's 'Pour Your Soul Out' campaign and features hip-hop and R&B artists sharing stories of the good, bad and ugly of their come-up in the music industry. Spotify announced in February it would be making a major push throughout the year to highlight and celebrate black artists. In June, it launched a podcast incubator for women of colour to get into the emerging space and partnered with critically-acclaimed rapper Joe Budden in August, giving his YOUTUBE show a bi-weekly podcast slot.

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    The Grocer (22 Mar 2017)

    E&J Gallo adds Wild Strawberry flavour to fizzy Spritz range

    E & J GALLO has introduced a Wild Strawberry variant to its fizzy Spritz range in order to tap into the trend for fruit flavoured wines.

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