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    Campaign (12 Jan 2018)

    Dyson rapped for misleading viewers over pollution worries

    DYSON has had one of their TV ads banned by THE ASA for misleading viewers into thinking indoor pollution is more damaging to health than outdoor pollution. The spot from May 2017 opens with a voiceover asking 'what can be worse than the pollution outdoors?' The voiceover continues 'the pollution indoors can be up to five times worse'. The camera follows the woman as she walks around the kitchen where several appliances let off purple and green vapour signifying as gases and microscopic particles. The ASA slammed Dyson as it felt customers would interpret the ad as telling them indoor pollutants were more damaging that outdoor pollutants due to comparisons to exhaust fumes.

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    Campaign (27 Sep 2017)

    Dyson joins the electric car brand party

    DYSON has announced that it will launch an electric car in 2020. The brand revealed that it has created to motor but the prototype of the body was yet to built.

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