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    bbc.co.uk (22 Feb 2019)

    Nestle and Epic pull YouTube ads over abuse claims

    NESTLE and EPIC GAMES have removed adverts from YOUTUBE following claims by a prominent vlogger that the platform has allowed a 'soft-core paedophilia ring' to operate. He claimed that users had commented on non-sexual videos of children pinpointing frames which saw the children in a compromising position. DISNEY and DR OETKER, who also advertise on YouTube, have taken action following the claims.

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    Prolific North (01 Feb 2019)

    Dr Oetker returns to TV with multimillion pound marketing campaign

    DR OETKER has announced it will continue to sponsor CHANNEL FOUR show First Dates as part of a multi-million pound TV campaign. It will include Valentines Day-themed ads and social media activity, plus a competition offering consumers the chance to win their perfect date. The pizza brand began its sponsorship of the TV show in October last year.

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