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    Marketing Communication News (08 Jan 2019)

    Domino’s Launches New Year’s Day Campaign – ‘The Official Food of Your Happy Place’

    DOMINO's launched a one-day campaign, created by VCCP, which helped position it as the recovery food for party-goers on New Year's Day. ‘The Official Food Of Your Happy Place’ created a happy place, to comfort those feeling worse for wear after celebrating on New Year's Eve, through a SNAPCHAT World Lens. The Lens content, which also appeared in the form of 360-degree FACEBOOK posts, saw a Domino's pizza box act as a portal to an idyllic beach sunset location complete with parrots and panpipes.

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    Marketing Communication News (21 Nov 2018)

    Domino’s Unveil the Cheeseburger Pizza in New ‘the Official Food of WTF!’ Campaign

    DOMINO'S has extended its 'The Official Food of Everything' campaign to promote its new cheeseburger pizza. 'The Official Food of WTF!', created by VCCP, consists of a series of social films which feature a split screen: the bottom half shows someone tucking into a slice of the new creation, while the top half represents the 'WTF-ness' of the experience. It plays on the product's opposing visual and gustatory offerings. The campaign is supported by radio activity, which will play out the thoughts of the pizza eater as they try to comprehend whether they are eating a cheeseburger or a pizza.

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