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    The Drum (15 Jan 2020)

    HSBC's 'We Are Not an Island' ads return with pro-immigration message

    HSBC has rolled out the latest stage of its 'We Are Not An Island' campaign. Posters, press, social media and TV spots celebrate those that feel at home in Britain regardless of their background. In the 60-second TV ad fronted by Richard Ayoade, the comedian presents the tricky question 'Where are you from?' and suggests a variety of answers such as where you were born, where you found yourself or where your heart is, concluding that the answer lies where you feel at home. Created by WUNDERMAN THOMPSON, the work will run in the METRO and EVENING STANDARD as well as key national newspapers; across 48 sheets in train stations; via DOOH in locations such as the Piccadilly Lights, Birmingham Eye and Liverpool Media Wall; and on six sheets.

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    Campaign (10 Dec 2019)

    Channel 4 "Complaints welcome" by 4Creative

    CHANNEL FOUR has continued its 'Complaints welcome' campaign with a cover on the METRO. The full-page ad includes a real viewer Tweet that reads: 'Channel 4 are morons and I hope they read this'. The campaign aims to showcase the channel as one that stimulates debate and challenges people's perceptions. 

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