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    Campaign (02 Dec 2016)

    Met Police "Be a hero" by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

    THE METROPOLITAN POLICE has launched a new campaign with the help of ABBOTT MEAD VICKERS BBDO. Contributing to its #BeSafe campaign, the ad stars a local resident who becomes a media sensation after she performs the simple task of double locking her front door. The campaign hopes to encourage Londoners to take note of the little things that can help prevent crime. Media planning and buying for the 60-second spot was handled by MEDIACOM.

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    Campaign (22 Nov 2016)

    Metropolitan Police "Body worn video" by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

    ABBOTT MEAD VICKERS BBDO has created an ad promoting the METROPOLITAN POLICE’S largest officer body camera rollout to date. ‘Body Worn Video’ aims to highlight the difference between what people recall after a high stress scenario and what actually happened. The 60-second ad shows police arriving at the scene of a fight with witness testimony overlaid over the video. The testimony often differs from what the video shows. MEDIACOM handled media.

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