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    PR Week (03 Aug 2017)

    Met Police comms chief to leave for new job in horse racing

    THE DIRECTORATE OF MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS has announced its director of media and comms for the Met Police, Martin Fewell, will be leaving the business to pursue a role at the British Horseracing Authority.

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    The Drum (31 Jul 2017)

    Police deploy cartoon cats to alert Londoners to mobile phone crime-wave

    THE METROPOLITAN POLICE has released a new campaign featuring cartoon cats aiming to raise awareness of the theft of mobile phones by cycling thieves. The work running under the '#CopCat' hashtag employs cat puns to help people remember best safety practice when using their mobile phone in public. The new push was created following research conducted by the Universities' Police Science Institute which found that lighthearted tactics in police campaigns were more effective than fear-mongering ones.

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