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    The Drum (10 Dec 2018)

    Smirnoff supports Soho Angels LGBTQ+ nighttime safety initiative

    SMIRNOFF is supporting an initiative from WESTMINSTER CITY COUNCIL and LGBT Foundation to ensure the safety of party-goers in Soho. Trained volunteers will patrol the area providing water and pointing people towards medical attention if they need it. It is particularly targeted at LGBT+ people who frequent bars and clubs in Soho and are often threatened because of their sexual orientation. ST JOHN AMBULANCE, DRINKAWARE and the METROPOLITAN POLICE are helping to deliver the program.

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    Campaign (20 Sep 2018)

    Police capitalise on Bodyguard success with snap social campaign

    METROPOLITAN POLICE has rolled out a new social media campaign promoting careers in counterterrorism to capitalise on the success of BBC ONE TV show Bodyguard. TWITTER content from @TerrorismPolice has already received thousands of engagements.

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