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    Campaign (13 Mar 2018)

    Diesel "JoggJeans: Made to run away" by Publicis Italy

    DIESEL has released a new ad promoting the flexibility of its jeans. The 60-second film shows a young man on a series of unsuccessful, online-sourced dates which he is able to run away from because he is wearing his Diesel jeans. It was created by Publicis Italy. 

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    Campaign (23 Jan 2018)

    Diesel "Keep the world flawed" by Publicis Italy

    DIESEL has launched the sequel to its 'Go with the flaw' campaign which celebrates people's imperfections. The 90-second spot tells the story of a young man with large ears who undergoes surgery to make them smaller. He then meets a girl, they fall in love and fall pregnant. It is only when their child is born that a flashback shows how the girl had a similar back story, having sported a large nose that was modified through surgery. Showing that flaws always win, their child is then revealed to have gained the naturally large features of both his mother and father. The work, created by Publicis Italia, supports Diesel's new spring-summer collection.

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