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    AM Online (25 Mar 2020)

    COVID-19: Motorists granted six-month MoT exemption during coronavirus lockdown

    THE DEPARTMENT FOR TRANSPORT has confirmed that cars, motorcycles and vans will be subject to a temporary six-month MOT exemption during COVID-19. Effective from 30 March, the move supports those ill, in quarantine or social distancing who are unable to go out and get their vehicles MOT-tested. Many garages remain open for essential repairs and drivers have been reminded to only drive if their car is in roadworthy condition. 

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    Campaign (25 Feb 2020)

    DfT's charming animations call for empathy on public transport

    THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT has launched a campaign advocating for an inclusive and emphatic transport system, highlighting those with non-visible disabilities. The work was created by VMLY&R and features animated ads where passengers embody animals like hyenas and bulls to represent inconsideration. Once they demonstrate empathy they morph into humans. It is also being supported by press, outdoor, online and radio activity. WAVEMAKER handled media planning and MANNING GOTTLIEB OMD was responsible for media buying.

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