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    The Grocer (06 Mar 2019)

    Dairy UK to revive spoof government ad campaign

    DAIRY UK has rolled out spoof government public service announcements to TV, cinema and billboards as part its £1.2m 'Department of Dairy Related Scrumptious Affairs' campaign. Created in collaboration with AHDB, the humorous work targets young families and aims to remind consumers of the nutritional value of dairy. It will run for 10 weeks and include announcing the result of a vegan vs dairy taste test on social media. 

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    The Grocer (20 Dec 2018)

    Dairy UK launches cheese and whisky-matching mobile app

    DAIRY UK has revealed an app which will help consumers match one of 50 different flavours of cheese with whisky or port. It allows users to view the flavour profiles of drinks and create a profile to save their favourite pairings. The app will be advertised on social media.

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