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    bbc.co.uk (16 Sep 2019)

    Facebook removes altered Conservative advertisement

    THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY has had an ad removed by FACEBOOK after the political party altered the headline of a BBC News story. The social media spot carrying the BBC logo used the headline '£14 billion pound cash boost for schools' and linked to the original story that put the figure at £7.1bn. The article of the BBC website ran with the headline 'Multi-billion pound cash boost for schools'. The ads received between 222,000 and 510,000 impressions. 

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    PR Week (25 Feb 2019)

    MHP appoints senior Conservative adviser as director in public affairs

    MHP has appointed the CONSERVATIVE PARTY's director of outreach and external affairs Amy Fisher to the role of director in its public affairs practice. She will report to joint heads of the agency's public affairs practice James Gurling and Jamie Lyons. Her start date has yet to be confirmed.

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