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    Campaign (21 Aug 2017)

    Dolmio meets Dominic: pasta sauce brand hires Wire star West for latest ad campaign

    DOLMIO has released a new ad starring Dominic West of The Wire as a video game fanatic. The 60-second 'No Drama' ad shows a mum calling to her son and husband to stop playing video games and join the family for dinner. West launches into a monologue about how important it is for him to keep playing because the other players desperately need his support, but when the fed-up mum announces that dinner is "spag bol" they both dash to the table. AMV BBDO created the ad while MEDIACOM handled media. The ad will run on CHANNEL FOUR, ITV, CHANNEL FIVE and SKY until at least October. 

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    Campaign (14 Aug 2017)

    How animators and artisan bakers made Channel 4's delicious Bake Off ad

    CHANNEL FOUR has released a trailer for The Great British Bake Off which features 335 baked characters. The 60-second ad begins with animated ingredients being mixed together to form a variety of delicious baked goods. The cakes, tarts, breads and biscuits all hum and sing along as they come together for the premier of the show on Channel Four. 

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