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    Marketing Communication News (15 May 2019)

    Sudocrem’s new campaign celebrates its ‘Soothing’ heritage

    SUDOCREM launched a new campaign centred around the brand's core essence, to soothe. The spot which debuted on 11 May during Britain's Got Talent, is set in a Japanese garden with three panda's practising Tai Chi. MCCANN HEALTH created the campaign which features a voiceover is by actress Kathy Burke. It will be running on ITV, CHANNEL 4, CHANNEL 5, SAT, Finecast National TV, YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK until 10 August.

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    Campaign (15 May 2019)

    4Creative's Hollyoaks ad celebrates diverse range of characters

    CHANNEL FOUR has launched a 60-second ad promoting its Hollyoaks programming. The ad sees the soap's characters getting up to various antics as seen from one fixed-angle camera in the show's The Dog in The Pond pub, aiming to showcase the drama taking place during an average day in Hollyoaks. It was created by in-house agency 4Creative and will air on Channel 4, ITV and social media. 

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