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    The Drum (12 Nov 2019)

    Burger King and Unilever partner up to offer meat-free Whoppers

    BURGER KING has partnered with The Vegetarian Butcher to launch a range of meat-free alternatives. The Rebel Whopper will roll-out across more than 2,400 restaurants and 20 European markets.  After a successful earlier launch in Sweden, the US will be the next market introduced to its meat-free option.

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    The Drum (19 Sep 2019)

    Burger King UK announces plastic toy amnesty with 'The Meltdown'

    BURGER KING has begun an initiative to expel plastic toys from its kids menu, also offering to melt unwanted plastic toys. Titled 'The Meltdown' and led by JONES KNOWLES RITCHIE, it will be promoted through an online film, as well as out-of-home, in-store, PR and experiential. The campaign will run between 19 to 30 September across 500 stores nation-wide. Children can receive a free meal with a full paying adult. Special edition sticker sheers, Meltdown crowns and Meltdown King junior meal boxes will also promote the initiative.

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