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    Little Black Book (13 Mar 2020)

    Burger King Deals Are So Good Customers Owe Them in Latest Ads

    BURGER KING has released a new campaign to promote its new King Box Double Melt Deal. Three 10-second ads were created by BBH and UNIT9 showing Burger King staff requesting bazaar favours from customers such as breaking up with their partner and doing their homework because the deal is so good, customers owe Burger King big time. The campaign launched on 9 March and is running on all social platforms including INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK.

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    Campaign (20 Feb 2020)

    Burger King "The mouldy Whopper" by Ingo

    BURGER KING has launched an un-appetising spot to show the beauty of food without preservatives. The work features a Whopper that grows mould over 34 days, marking its aim to remove artificial preservatives from the burger in most European countries. The spot was created by Ingo with media handled by Publicis.

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