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    The Drum (17 Apr 2018)

    Whopper sniffing dog trained to bring burgers to the visually impaired

    BURGER KING has released a short film showing how it trained a guide dog to sniff out its Whopper burgers for its visually-impaired owner. The stunt came after 29-year-old Nathan Tree asked the fast food chain to train his dog Flynn to lead him to the nearest Burger King restaurant. 

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    The Drum (15 Dec 2017)

    Burger King lights up the BBQ in McDonald’s Christmas ambush

    BURGER KING has released a 90-second festive film which pokes fun at its rival MCDONALD'S. The spot sees the brands 'King' character gearing up to an exciting event as he flies in on a helicopter which is airlifting a large secret gift. The king and his team of helpers then turn up at a McDonald's restaurant and unveil the gift of fire in the form of a flaming BBQ, whilst carol singers sing the praises of its own flame-grilled burgers as confused McDonald's customers and workers look on.

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