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    Financial Times (20 Mar 2019)

    Instagram launches in-app online shopping feature

    INSTAGRAM is launching an online shopping feature that will allow users to buy products directly on the platform. Launching initially in the US, the feature enables users to buy products from 20 different fashion brands, including ADIDAS, BURBERRY and H&M, directly on the app via a new 'checkout' feature. Instagram will charge merchants a 'selling fee' when a sale is made on the platform, calculated as a percentage of each transaction. It plans to roll out the feature with more vendors in the next few months.

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    Retail Gazette (07 Jan 2019)

    Burberry unveils first-ever Chinese New Year campaign

    BURBERRY has created its first Chinese New Year campaign to attract the growing market of Chinese luxury shoppers. The ads focus on celebrating family and relationships, and feature Chinese ambassadors for the fashion brand. Burberry has already enjoyed increased sales in China itself and from Chinese tourists visiting the UK.

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