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    Campaign (27 Jun 2017)

    CHI & Partners creates ‘Sweet Dreams’ for Hive

    HIVE’s latest ad is aiming to make its smart-home technology more accessible by relating it to an everyday family moment. ‘Sweet Dreams’, a 30-second spot by CHI & PARTNERS, features a father who makes use of Hive’s app to turn off his TV and lighting when he is stuck on his sofa after eventually getting his baby to sleep. The ad is the second spot in Hive’s ‘Let’s Get Living’ campaign which is aiming to introduce Hive to new markets including the UK, Canada and the US. MEDIACOM handled media for the campaign, while ALLTOGETHERNOW will handle social media for the campaign.

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    Marketing Week (12 Jun 2017)

    Hive targets mass audiences instead of the ‘tech-savvy’ in brand overhaul

    HIVE has released a new brand identity, positioning and campaign to help consumers see that connected devices are not just for tech lovers. 'Let's Get Living' launched in the UK and North America and looks to show people that having a smart home can enhance their daily lives. One ad in the series shows a father finally getting his baby to fall asleep. Not waiting to disturb him, the father uses the app to turn off the TV and lights. 

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