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    Prolific North (22 Jun 2017)

    Brass creates animations for new CBBC pets show

    BRASS has released 40 digital animal animations to be featured in CBBC's new series, The Pets Factor. The children's documentary series provides insight into British vets. Brass also created the introductory title sequence for the show. 

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    Campaign (22 Jun 2017)

    BBC Creative and Mother Design draw up ‘Sorry not sorry for being me’ for BBC Three

    BBC THREE has launched a visual identity campaign to support the channel’s new period of innovative programming about self-expression. The campaign is MOTHER’s first work with the broadcaster since being appointed to the BBC’s design roster in January and was created in collaboration with BBC Creative. Internet users can create their own ‘Sorry not Sorry’ poster and then share their electric identities to encourage others to express their individuality. The online work will aim to reach a broader audience through targeted outdoor media and social media to encourage participation.

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