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    bbc.co.uk (03 Jun 2020)

    OK Beeb: BBC voice assistant will learn regional accents

    THE BBC's voice assistant is to learn regional accents. The assistant, which uses MICROSOFT technology, has been released early for testing on Windows computers. Its voice is based on an actor with a northern England accent.

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    Campaign (02 Jun 2020)

    COVID-19: BBC Proms reimagined for lockdown times

    THE BBC is reimagining its Proms for the coronavirus lockdown. It will include a 'grand virtual orchestra' with more than 350 musicians performing together from their individual homes. From 28 August, performances will come live from the ROYAL ALBERT HALL with an accompanying audience not yet ruled out. The Proms will be broadcast on BBC Four, Radio 3 and iPlayer, running from 17 July to 12 September.

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