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    Campaign (21 Jul 2017)

    BBH lands ‘Safety Video’ for British Airways

    BBH’s finale for BRITISH AIRWAYS is an amusing pre-flight safety video created in collaboration with COMIC RELIEF. The film sees a range of famous British celebrities including Sir Ian McKellen, Gordon Ramsey and Thandie Newton audition for a part in the video while simultaneously demonstrating safety procedures in front of comedian Asim Chaudhry. The film will be on-board British Airways flights from 1 September.

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    Nielsen (19 Jul 2017)

    Spend Analysis

    JET2.COM spent £15m in Q1 making it the highest spending travel company of the quarter. It doubled its Q4 figure and over quadrupled what it spent on advertising at the same time last year. Launching its CityBreaks brochure and adding 30 new trips to New York to its portfolio in Q1, the budget airline invested the most it has in the past seven years. BRITISH AIRWAYS was the next highest spending airline at £6.7m, followed by EASYJET (£6.2m), MONARCH (£5.7m) and EMIRATES (£1.8m).

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