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    Breaking Travel News (04 Nov 2019)

    United Airlines announces Star Wars partnership

    UNITED AIRLINES has partnered with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker for a number of experiences and promotions on its flights. The airline has unveiled a Star Wars-themed paint design on one of its BOEING 737-800 and has re-designed its on board experience to celebrate the movie. United also launched its latest in-flight safety demonstration video featuring characters from the new film. Customers will be greeted with Star Wars-themed music during the boarding process and distribute commemorative pins throughout December ahead of the film's release. People will also be able to track United's Star Wars aircraft on FlightAware which will appear on maps as the X-Wing starship.

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    AM Online (15 Oct 2019)

    Porsche and Boeing begin electric flying car project

    PORSCHE and BOEING are collaborating on the development of a flying electric vehicle. The two companies will explore the 'premium urban air mobility market' and the feasibility of moving cars away from congested roads and into the sky.

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