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    AM Online (20 Dec 2019)

    BMW and Daimler ends UK car sharing scheme amid ‘low adoption rates’

    BMW and DAIMLER have ended their ShareNow car sharing scheme from the UK due to a lack of consumers. The venture began in in February and intended to service 90 cities in the UK. It will also be withdrawing from the US and Canada for similar reasons.

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    AM Online (10 Dec 2019)

    New Minis sold with 3 months’ insurance in Wrisk partnership

    MINI CARS will now be sold with three month's free insurance after its partnership with fintech form Wrisk was extended, creating the Mini Flex Car Insurance. The new product aims to ensure that the level of driveway incentive is no longer tied to a matter of days. The insurance will be delivered through an app allowing drivers to access their policy documents at any time. From 2 December, customers have been able to continue seamless coverage beyond the three-month promotional period. 

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