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    AM Online (20 Nov 2019)

    BMW to take on Tesla Model 3 with i4 in 2021

    BMW is launching the i4 in 2021, its first electric compact executive car. The new model, which is set to rival the Tesla Model 3, will replace the 4 Series Gran Coupe and will have a potential power output of more than 500PS. The i4 will have a range of almost 380 miles and can recharge at 150kW, adding 60 miles in six minutes.

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    Campaign (14 Oct 2019)

    BMW "The small escape" by Jung von Matt

    BMW has rolled out a four-minute film that focuses on the part the brand played in the true story of Klaus-Günter Jacobi, who helped a friend escape East Germany in 1964 in a BMW Isetta. Created by Jung von Matt, the film includes a tense scene in which Jacobi is checked by guards at border control whilst his friend is hidden in the body of the vehicle. On-screen text informs the viewer that nine people found freedom in West Berlin in 1964 with the help of a BMW Isetta. 

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