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    The Drum (21 Jul 2014)

    BLACKBERRY has unveiled its first voice activated assistant in a bid to match the likes of Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Corana. Launching with the new 10.3 release later this year, the Blackberry Assistant adapts to user’s behaviour as they complete tasks such as searching email and sending texts. Users can also activate and use the assistant hands free with Bluetooth technology.

    Marketing Week (26 Feb 2014)

    BLACKBERRY has unveiled its flagship smartphone, aiming to appeal to the keyboard ‘loyalist’. Featuring a QWERTY keyboard, the Q20 is aiming to appeal to the professional market, as the ‘go-to productivity tool’. The product comes as Blackberry returns to its roots and heritage, ‘creating mobile solutions for its business customers’, in an effort to turnaround its recent fortunes.