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    Campaign (18 May 2018)

    Comparethemarket.com "Hooray for a year of Meerkat Movies" by VCCP

    COMPARETHEMARKET.COM has launched a new campaign celebrating the variety of films available with a year's membership to Meerkat movies. VCCP created an ad which features meerkat Aleksandr singing a parody of Barbara Streisand's 'Rain On My Parade' through a series of iconic movie scenes. Comparethemarket.com launched the campaign with a 60-second radio ad followed by a TV spot which aired on 18 May during ITV's Coronation Street.

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    Nielsen (12 Feb 2018)

    Spend Analysis

    BGL, which spent £12.3m, 31% less than in Q2 and 28% less than in Q3 2016, was the second highest spender in the finance category in Q3. BGL invested most of its advertising budget in its Comparethemarket brand (£10.5m), including two TV campaigns that tied up with the release of movies Spiderman:Homecoming and The Kingsman. It also invested £1.7m in its BeagleStreet offering, £27k on Bennetts Insurance and the small remainder on its corporate advertising. It split its investment between TV (£8m, or 76%), cinema (£1m, or 10%), radio (£831k, or 8%), digital (£652k, or 6%) and direct mail (£21k, or 0.2%).