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    Campaign (23 Oct 2018)

    Yorkshire Tea "Yorkshire tree" by Lucky Generals and Goodstuff

    YORKSHIRE TEA has released an augmented reality experience to educate families with young children about environmental sustainability and the vital role of trees. LUCKY GENERALS and GOODSTUFF used Zappar's AR platform ZapWorks to create the experience. Users can access interactive challenges when scanning full-page print ads using the camera feature on Shazam. The campaign is part of Yorkshire Tea's five-year pledge to plant one million trees across the UK and Kenya.

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    Campaign (31 Jul 2018)

    Yorkshire Tea "5,000 biscuit domino rally" by Lucky Generals and Wild Things

    YORKSHIRE TEA knocks down a 5,000-long biscuit domino trail in its most recent ad campaign. The three-minute spot, filmed in one continuous take, is intended to promote its Biscuit Brew range. The final biscuit in the trail dropped into a Biscuit Brew. The work was created by LUCKY GENERALS and its sister agency Wild Things.

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