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    bbc.co.uk (11 Dec 2018)

    Barclays customers can now 'switch off' spending

    BARCLAYS has revealed a new function which will allow its customers to 'switch off' certain types of spending, such as supermarkets or pubs, on their debit card. It is intended to help consumers with problems like gambling or debt. The service is currently only available on debit cards but is due to be rolled out to credit cards next year.

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    The Grocer (20 Nov 2018)

    Costa unveils reusable cup with contactless payment chip

    COSTA has revealed a reusable coffee cup which can also make contactless payments. The removable base of the cup features a payment chip similar to those used in bank cards. Shoppers can use the cup to pay like a normal contactless card in any shop with the money taken from a dedicated BARCLAYCARD account, accessible via bPay.

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