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    Convenience Store (27 Apr 2017)

    Bahlsen reveals ‘Chocolate. Biscuit. And then some’ TV advert

    BAHLSEN has launched a new £2m TV campaign for its PiCK UP! biscuit. The push will run for five weeks across major channels and centres on the tagline 'Chocolate. Biscuit. And then some.' The ads show how the biscuit provides more than expected by snapping in half and revealing an unusual scene at its centre. 

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    Campaign (19 Apr 2016)

    CREATURE OF LONDON has created a £5m campaign for CHOCO LEIBNIZ. A humorous TV ad shows a detective just about to expose the guilty party in a murder mystery plot when he becomes distracted as his prime suspect offers him a biscuit from a silver box. The detective is so wrapped up in enjoying his Choco Leibniz that he implicates two other people instead of the woman who he was originally set on denouncing. The ad will run on CHANNEL FOUR and ITV from 18 April to 22 May.