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    Campaign (12 Jan 2017)

    Babylon "Don't ask the internet. Ask a real doctor" by Ogilvy & Mather London

    BABYLON has released a new campaign encouraging sick people to see a doctor instead of stressing themselves out with diagnoses provided by Google. The ‘Cyberchondria’ campaign by OGILVY & MATHER spans outdoor, press & digital, and shows a simple health symptom typed into a Google style search bar with far more serious, and unlikely, causes listed below. For example, one bus shelter ad contains a search for ‘sore throat’ with ‘cough’, ‘swine flu’, ‘esophageal rupture’ and ‘your wife is cheating on you’ returned as the top hits.

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    The Drum (29 Nov 2016)

    Healthcare app Babylon appoints Ogilvy & Mather London to raise UK profile as an NHS alternative

    OGILVY & MATHER has been appointed to build awareness for BABYLON, a healthcare app providing online doctor consultations. Users can book a video consultation with a doctor or therapist, send photos or text messages in order to get answers to health questions. Users can also order prescriptions and tests via the app.

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