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    The Drum (01 Feb 2019)

    Avon bolsters marketing team in preparation for 'digital' future

    AVON is hoping to boost its digital and E-commerce capabilities by hiring several senior staff. Benedetto Conversano was appointed chief digital officer last year, the first time Avon had ever had this role, while Heather Payne was named chief technology officer. James Thompson joined as global chief brand and beauty officer, Tatiana Piccolo was named vice president, global fragrances and Alex Long was promoted to chief commercial marketing officer. Anna Chokina was also chosen to be vice president, skincare and personal care and Elena Degtyareva was named vice president, fashion and home last year. In 2019, it has so far appointed a new senior marketing manager Victoria Westwood and picked Nick Burton to become vice president, digital development. The major changes to its marketing and digital teams are intended to enable the beauty brand to compete with more modern competitors.

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    Financial Times (31 Jan 2019)

    Cosmetics group Avon cuts 2,300 jobs

    AVON has announced 2,300 job losses in its global operations. The cosmetics brand will reduce costs by £76,000 ($100m) as a result. It has struggled with the ever-changing beauty industry and particularly e-commerce competitors.

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