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    City AM (18 May 2020)

    COVID-19: Uber installing in-car partitions to help stop coronavirus spread

    UBER CARS will be fitted with partitions in a trial to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Working with the AA, Uber will fit 40 cars with the screens in Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham. In partnership with UNILEVER, it will also provide hygiene kits to drivers. ADDISON LEE will also be adding screens across its fleet.

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    Campaign (13 Mar 2020)

    Channel 4's ad break wants to send nation to sleep

    CHANNEL 4 marked World Sleep Day on by partnering with EVE SLEEP to remove the brain-stimulating blue light from TV ads on 15 March. The blue light was removed from TV ads on Channel 4, E4 and More4 at 9:45pm and replaced with an amber-coloured filter. The first ad break featured pre-bedtime tips to help people sleep easier, while the second showed a 90-second film of people and pets sleeping. The break also featured ads by CALPOL, Cazoo, Listerine, THE AA and VELUX, as well as Channel 4's idents. GOODSTUFF handled media.

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