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    Marketing Week (26 Jan 2018)

    British Army hopes criticism around campaign will help attract more diverse recruits

    THE BRITISH ARMY has launched its latest campaign despite it receiving criticism for being too soft. The 'This is Belonging 2018' campaign by KARMARAMA shows a series of short films that address questions of faith and mental health. The ads released include questions such as 'Can I be gay in the Army?' and highlights issues such as 'keeping my faith' which features a Muslim soldier praying. The campaign has been criticised by soldiers for being too soft, however The British Army's recruitment agency Capita argue that younger and more diverse recruits will be encouraged to sign up.

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    The Drum (11 Jan 2018)

    British Army touts ‘emotional support’ in £1.6m recruitment drive

    THE BRITISH ARMY is changing its tactics in an effort to bolster its manpower, this time focusing on the 'emotional support' a career in the military can provide. A series of short films narrated by serving soldiers were released talking about what preconceptions they had when starting the role. The army recruits talk about once they joined they opinions changed, everyone supports each other, and the army feels like a family. The ads end with the message 'Find where you belong'. The £1.6m campaign is being supported by TV, radio and online advertising, with all the short films available on the Army's website and social channels, with a number of live-action TV ads to follow.

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