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    The Drum (09 Sep 2019)

    HSBC creates global soundscape for homesick international students

    HSBC is providing comfort to overseas students in the UK by launching 'Sounds of Home', a soundscape album full of the sounds international students say they miss from their hometowns. It captured the essential sounds of India, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan and made them available on SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC and iTunes. A 100-second film also documents the sourcing and recording process of the soundscapes. The work is designed to 'complement the financial guidance and support' the bank provides students all over the world

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    The Drum (20 Aug 2019)

    AppleTV+ readied for November debut in services push

    APPLE is to further its streaming ambitions with the launch of AppleTV+ in November, a film and TV subscription service. Customers will be able to enjoy a free trial before being charged $9.99 a month for unlimited access to Apple's content library. It is believed that Apple will drip-feed episodes rather than upload whole a series at a time like rivals NETFLIX

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