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    The Drum (11 Aug 2017)

    EasyJet eases into music with sleep-inducing Jet Sounds single

    EASYJET has introduced a new initiative in order to raise money for the Children's Sleep Charity. The airline has produced a 60-second single composed entirely of engine noise in order to help restless sleepers doze off at night. The song will be available for purchase on ITUNES with proceeds going to the charity. Taylor Herring created the concept. 

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    The Drum (02 Aug 2017)

    Pinterest makes it easier for users to search

    PINTEREST is launching Pinterest Search and Lens on users’ home feeds in a move to cater to increasing mobile and visual searches. A new search bar at the top of the home feed on APPLE's iOS app will permit users to type what they’re looking for instead of navigating to the Explore tab. Pinterest is developing its mobile search capabilities as nearly 85% of all Pinterest searches now happen on mobile phones.

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