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    bbc.co.uk (19 Mar 2018)

    London wheelchair travellers get Google Maps help

    GOOGLE is launching a service for wheelchair users travelling in London and other worldwide cities. It will allow them to filter for 'wheelchair accessible' when planning a journey through Google Maps. The service will initially be available on desktop and is rolling out to IPHONE and Android devices in the future. It has already been launched in New York, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston and Sydney, and there are plans to expand the scheme further.

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    The Verge (23 Feb 2018)

    Apple reportedly adding voice activation to new AirPods this year, water resistance next

    APPLE is said to be planning to refresh the AirPods this year with a new model featuring an improved wireless chip and an ability to activate Siri voice commands just by saying 'Hey Siri'. It has also been suggested that Apple will make the AirPods water-resistant in a 2019 update.

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