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    Campaign (09 Mar 2018)

    Amnesty International UK "The undeniable wonder of family life" by VCCP

    AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL staged a living installation over Mother's Day weekend to highlight the importance of reuniting refugee families. The work by VCCP saw members of the public observing real families in a large perspex box as they took part in the everyday joys of family life such as playing games, eating a takeaway and watching TV. The families were live streamed on FACEBOOK, a 30-second video played in taxis throughout London, and the charity posted images online through award-winning photographer Dave Stewart.

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    The Drum (18 Dec 2017)

    Amnesty International: See the Lights by MassiveMusic & Eallin

    AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL has released a film celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The ad by MassiveMusic and Eallin celebrates history's greatest, global human rights heroes such as Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and Malala Yousafzai, each appearing on places around the world including The Pyramids and The Washington Monument. A cover of Simple Minds' 'See The Light' by St. Solaire was used to support the ad, adding a layer of intelligence to the message of the film - 'To Be Brave' and to 'See The Light'.

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