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    PR Week (02 Jan 2019)

    Creepy Google robot stars in Amnesty's latest #DropDragonfly spot

    AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL has released a new spot as part of its #DropDragonfly campaign. The ad is set in a dystopian future where a couple receives a humanoid GOOGLE assistant. At first the assistant is helpful and polite, but after rebooting with the 'Dragonfly 2019 update', the assistant becomes creepy, starts spying on the couple and tells them it has 'no record of a website called Wikipedia'. Since launching the campaign in November, Amnesty has received more than 900 pieces of global media coverage and over 1000 Google employees have signed a petition for the company to drop Dragonfly.

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    PR Week (28 Nov 2018)

    Amnesty International slams Google's ethics over censored search app in campaign

    AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL has launched a global campaign to raise awareness of and stop GOOGLE's attempt to roll out a censored search engine app in China. The function, named project Dragonfly, would block searches for terms such as 'Human Rights' to adhere to China's censorship laws. Google would also have to hand over sensitive data to the Chinese government which would help persecute and imprison people. A 110-second mock 'Google recruitment ad' suggests all candidates need to get a job on the project is 'great coding skills, 5 years' experience, absolutely no morals and be happy giving up people's personal data'. The charity's campaign, running under the hashtag '#DropDragonfly' has already gained support from Google employees, and will include protests outside the company's offices around the globe.

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