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    The Drum (26 Mar 2018)

    Bryan Cranston and Alzheimer’s Research use an orange to debunk mistruths around dementia

    ALZHEIMER'S RESEARCH UK has rolled out a new campaign with actor Bryan Cranston to debunk myths about dementia. The two-minute ad explains that dementia is not a normal part of ageing, but is caused by disease, usually Alzheimer's. Using a blend of film, stop-motion, and CGI animation, an orange is used to demonstrate how Alzheimer's attacks brain cells which can sometimes lead to the brain losing up to 140g of weight - about the same weight as an orange. Viewers are encouraged to 'share the orange' and the knowledge that dementia and Alzheimer's can be fought with research.

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    Exclusive (29 Jan 2018)

    ALZHEIMER'S RESEARCH has hired Charlotte Cornwell to the role of direct marketing manager.