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    Breaking Travel News (22 Feb 2019)

    British Airways celebrates centenary with British European Airways livery

    BRITISH AIRWAYS is celebrating its centenary year with another set of liveries displayed on its aircrafts. An AIRBUS A319 model was decorated in the colour scheme of British Airways' predecessor company British European Airways. It is the second plane to receive a special makeover for the centenary, and more replicas will be unveiled this year. The livery will remain on the A319 until next year.

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    Financial Times (14 Feb 2019)

    Airbus to end A380 line after Emirates slashes order

    AIRBUS has announced it will stop producing the A380 passenger plane after EMIRATES dramatically reduced its order of the aircraft model. Production will cease in 2021. The airline will reduce its A380 fleet from 162 planes to 123, although it also announced intentions to purchase 70 smaller A330neo and A350 planes.

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