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    PR Week (01 Aug 2019)

    Age UK launches campaign to save free TV licences for over-75s

    AGE UK launched a campaign asking for new Prime Minister Boris Johnson to reverse the decision to scrap free TV licences for the over-75s. The charity believes that the change will hurt millions of older people who rely on their TV for companionship, news and entertainment. Alpaca created the campaign which turned the Treasury, Conservative Party HQ and Parliament into 'switched off' television sets. From June 2020, over-75s will be required to buy a TV licence unless they receive a Pension Credit which will entitle them to a free one.

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    Civil Society (30 May 2019)

    Coeliac UK appoints new CEO

    COELIAC UK has appointed Hilary Croft to the position of chief executive officer. Croft is also a trustee of AGE UK Ealing and on the global fundraising committee for TEARFUND. She began her new role on 3 June, taking over from Sarah Sleet.

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